The 50 Women Anthology Series


50 Women, Book One and 50 Women, Book Two 

50 Women, Book One     BOWKER_50_wmn_book_two_front_cover

50 Women is a two part anthology series of personal stories of strength and perseverance told by 50 different women from 30 countries. In these individual stories, the women discuss their unique experiences navigating and overcoming obstacles concerning political, cultural and societal issues, armed conflict, gender based violence, immigration, health afflictions and business ventures.

Many of their stories challenge common stereotypes and provide living historical accounts of the densely complicated political and societal issues of our time, including:
•    Armed conflict in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Burma, South Caucasus, the Balkans and Israel and Palestine
•    The Arab Spring Revolution
•    The plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Thailand
•    Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge
•    The collapse of the former Soviet Union
•    Dictatorship in Argentina
•    Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo
•    Wage discrimination
•    Labor trafficking
•    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
•    Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence

The women of 50 Women also represent diverse beliefs, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Animism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Their stories serve to connect cross-cultural experiences and historical accounts through common themes that women encounter globally.

At this point in history, women’s rights are a serious global issue. This is largely due to the realization that most developing countries at the bottom of the economic ladder fail to recognize fundamental human rights for women, to encourage female empowerment, political participation or to provide equal access to education and maternal healthcare. Women’s rights are a core focus of United Nations programs where a growing number of member states are actively seeking to improve conditions for women and girls through various policy initiatives.

The 50 Women anthology series is geographically divided as:

50 Women, Book One includes stories from Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus.

50 Women, Book Two includes stories from North America, Central America and Mexico, South America and Western Europe.

Both books have received the Jaquis Award  from Legendary Women alongside Gloria Steinem and Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison.